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Fresno needs a CTE high school. One that is the best in the country.
"When I tell him the actor that plays him looks identical to him, well, he really, really appreciates that," Kalil said tongue-in-cheek.
Whisenhunt helped draft Mariota at No. 2 overall last spring, but Underwood said Strunk had been thinking of making a coaching change for weeks. Underwood and general manager Ruston Webster told Whisenhunt he was fired.
"It's more or less just cleaning it up and tightening it up," Caldwell said during a conference call. "This will assure that the bone will heal completely by the time he's ready to go."
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) 锟?The Kansas City Chiefs reported for the start of their offseason program on Monday.
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) 锟?The Minnesota Vikings have started their spring strength and conditioning program.


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